Thursday, January 3, 2013

HELLO 2013 | Michiana Portrait Photographer

I haven't blogged in a long time. A very long time.

I think one big change in 2013 will be a transition into blogging. Which means I should probably have someone redo my blog for me and make it all pretty and such.

This blog post is probably useless with out some pictures.

ONE. I will be taking on less sessions than usual August through May. When I started out with photography, that was all I was doing next to being a stay at home mom. But now I also work in an elementary school, teaching reading and math.

TWO.  I will be requesting more permissions from YOU in my contract. Or at least, making them more visible. Right now, my contract gives JLP permission to use all images for marketing purposes on my website, blog, and Facebook. I also tend to mention this at each session. However, in the survey someone mentioned they would like more privacy with their images. SO each contract will have a section at the top with a check list of places you would be okay with me using your images.

THREE. Digital downloads will be an option for all 2013 clients of JLP. This will ensure that you get your images quickly and can burn them to a disc on your own. I had some serious issues with the post office in 2012 and a few DVDs were lost. Of course, if you would still like me to send you a disc of images, that is an option as well. As of right now, USB will most likely not be an option. It is much more expensive than DVDs.

*There will still be a 2 week wait time from completion of images.

FOUR. You can visit my webpage for more information on session packages and pricing, but just as a quick FYI, all session prices increased by $25 for 2013.

FIVE. Here is a list of the sessions I currently offer.

Maternity: Typically done between 32-35 weeks pregnant. Can be either a couple or children included.
New Beginnings: This is a 30 minute session at the hospital the day or two after your newborn is born. I'll spend some time capturing your newborn's precious first moments, along with some of baby and parents.
Newborn: Done between 5-10 days. This is a studio type session with blankets, props, and such.
Child: 3 months and up. This can be a studio session or outdoor session depending on the season and weather.
Family: Shots of you can your immediate family at the location of your choosing.
Senior: Done in the Fall or Spring of a student's Senior year. I offer several session packages for this.
Photobooth/Events: Capturing images of your party or event. Also offering photo booth options.

Thank you for making 2012 an AWESOME year. I look forward to seeing you in 2012. :)

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